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Poultry Housing, Chicken Coops, Houses Runs and Nesting Boxes

We have affiliated with Wells Poultry to offer the following high quality Poultry Houses. All chicken coops and houses are designed and built in Wales. They are constructed from quality Tanalised redwood timber. Tanalised timber should have a life expectancy of many years meaning that your chicken coop or run, poultry house and nesting box should last a long time.

Large Chicken House and Run (6x9' Basic Size + Options)Price 599.99

Large Chicken Run

Large Chicken Run 6x9' basic size + options 448.85

Chicken-Poultry House

Monmouth Minor Hen Coop 246.75

poultry house-coop monmouth major

Monmouth Major Hen Coop 364.25

All of the above and more are available from Wells Poultry click on any of the pictures to be taken straight to their website.

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